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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 19, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good-bye for the woman prosecutors say he murdered. >> compromise with less than 10 days before the massive spending cuts take affect. the white house is turning up the heat on law makers. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news. >> there's your life look outside. a pleasant start to the day. it's cold. not as cold as yesterday. it's tuesday february 19th. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. we do have a quick school delay to pass on. all alleganey public schools two hours late. prek schools are canceled. >> hey, tucker. >> rain showers overnight in the upper 30s. could be mix of sleet and freezing rain as the
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system kicks off and turn to rain. there's a live look at our radar. shower activity moving in to the west. not a lot of moisture but will be dealing with a period of showers through the early afternoon hours as this frontal system moves on. the pink and white indicates mixing there. not sure how much was touching the ground. eventually the potential for a little sleet, freezing rain and for the rest of us, bring an umbrella. rain showers during the day. here are your temperatures, 39 at reagan national. and dulles bwi 38 degrees. we will see temperatures well into the 40s. upper 40s later today with showers developing by the noon hour. most of the shower activity will be east of us. hopefully the showers will be out of here. more details on the weather in a minute. let's do traffic. julie wright is in.
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welcome back. >> thank you so much. well, we start it off with a crash on the outer loop at the beltway at connecticut avenue. unfortunately the damage is done. this happens to be the outer loop before i 95 headed around towards the accident scene. southbound i 95 is backed up from 212 and working your way around over towards that accident scene. lanes are open but if you can, think about using the icc. randolph road is also a work around. let's continue with our cameras. southbound 270 on the slow side headed out towards the river. before and after 109 out towards 370 traffic is tied up again headed for the split. northbound on i 95 backed up through stafford headed north. delays continue from the parkway
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across. headed out towards seminary road. and east of 395 vat van dorn street, water main break. here comes the sun. this is where you are going to find delays as you continue pass manassas. towards 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> it was pretty, julie. thank you. a new call for compromise to avoid the massive spending cuts known as sequestration. the cuts that have a severe impact on our area. >> president obama will turn up the heat on law makers to act quickly. wisdom martin is back with more. >> the white house has announced the president will speak at 10:45 this morning. mr. obama will be joined by emergency responders to press the case that such workers could lose their jobs if $85 billion
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of cuts goes through in march. the president will today urge republicans to accept the proposal put forth by senate democrats last week. calls for getting rid of tax corporate breaks at a rate of 30%. republicans say they've already given in on tax rates. the president move comes as a new report finds dc, maryland and virginia could be hit hardest by sequestration. the findings point to our region's reliance on the defense industry. defense spending accounts for nearly 10% of dc, maryland and virginia. our region ranked high in nondefense spending. enough to prompt the county executives to come together today to urge congress to act. it is unclear whether the county executive's plea or event today will have any impact on what law
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makers do. congress is on vacation until next monday. >> all right. thank you very much. in other news this morning in south africa where we are learning dramatic new details from the murder case against oscar pistorius. he was back in court for a bail hearing where he was officially charged with murder for the death of his girlfriend last week. sarah simmons has the latest on this. >> good morning, tony. the 26-year-old track star broke down in tears. his defense maintains reeva steenkamp's death was an accident. after a shouting match, he put on his prosthetic legs and walked more than 23 feet. three of the shots would prove to be fatal. >> olympic track star oscar pistorius in this vehicle enters bail hearing through back gate. prosecutors are charging him
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with premeditated murder as more details emerge in the death of his girlfriend. not yet determined where the blood came from, she was reported found with her skull crushed. her family says good-bye. >> taking things one day at a time to remember my sister and all the goodness she stood for. >> her death and his arrest have sent shock waves. >> nobody expected something like that. we all look up to him. he's been a hero. >> he has lost sponsorship deals with oakley. and nike will no longer use him in advertisements. >> no potential motive has been released yet.
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if convicted he faces life in prison. >> all right. thank you. happening today, opening statements set to get underway in the trial of jason scott. he's accused of killing deloris and her 20-year-old daughter back in 2009. also a suspect in the murders of three other people including another mother and daughter. scott is already serving a 100 year prison sentence for unrelated crime spree. >> also today grief counselors will be available at suit land high school. >> one of its students was killed yesterday. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live outside the school with the latest on the case and reaction. >> reporter: good morning, tony. the teen's family says he was a freshman here at suitland high school. police have not given out a lot of information in this case. but we do know they have enough to tell us that
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his death is being investigated as a murder. it was a door to door canvas for information looking for any snippet of information that could help them piece together on what happened on 28th avenue. a neighborhood. a 15-year-old male freshman found in the road in what police call trauma to the upper body. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> she just know her little boy gone. i don't know how we going to go from there. >> the investigators have leads they are working. nothing they want to share with the media just yet. >> reporter: public schools saying in reaction to this we are deeply saddened by the death of one of our students. the sense less acts of violence are becoming far too common. our deepest condolencences.
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>> the aunt fears he may have been targeted. left just ten minutes before they heard of the killing. he was carrying a brand new pair of shoes that he was planning to give to his girlfriend. but police have not confirmed that motive in this case so far. back to you guys. >> new this morning, emergency crews battle early morning house fire. broke out around 5:00 this morning along the 1800 block on peach tree lane. everyone inside escaped safely but the house is a total loss. it was a busy day for firefighters in virginia yesterday. in manassas at least 60 people are without a home after fire tore through an apartment complex. fire officials say flames broke out before 11:00 last night on lady jane loop.
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this picture was sent in by a viewer. one resident and two firefighters were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. no word on a cause. in fairfax county the search continues for a killer after a woman is found dead inside a burning apartment. the unidentified woman was found at the water side apartment complex on monday morning. a neighbor called 911 after smelling smoke. some say they heard arguing early that morning. >> we are learning about a motive for the sandy hook school shooting. gunman adam lanza wanted to kill more people than -- back in 2011 you'll remember. but connecticut state police have dismissed this report as inaccurate speculation. >> two local prosecutors team up to protect the so-called invisible victims of domestic
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violence. >> take a closer look. >> the benefits of that morning caffeine buzz. the positive side affects for drinking coffee. >> a lot fewer singles down at spring training. this time has nothing to do with the bats. dave ross has details in today's sports breakfast. we'll be right back. right back. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat.
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officials know what caused the engine fire that disabled a cruise ship. a leak in a fuel oil returned line sparked the flames that knocked out power for the ship's 4,000 passengers and crew.
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they are going to focus on the cause of the leak, the crew's response and why the ship was adrift so long. >> all right. tucker barnes is joining us now. you were so engrossed in the news, he was over there watching it on tv. >> i thought we were doing sports first, sorry. we have rain showers moving in. definitely umbrella. >> i forgot to bring my umbrella in with me. >> shall i hold my umbrella for you? >> tony will have someone escort him to the car. for the rest of us who don't have a personal escort. >> i don't have a personal escort. >> that's what he's telling everyone now. here's the deal, out to the west, parts of the region a few communities out in west virginia, good morning to you,
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your temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. some of the rain comes in. check out cold weather. fargo minus 8. still feels like february for a good part of the country. 26 in wichita. 27 in st. louis. that colder air will arrive later tonight. our highs tomorrow will only reach upper 30s to 40 with a lot of wind around here. up ahead of it later today, upper 40s. you can see widely scattered. some of the white and pink you see, that's indicating mixing taking place. by the time most of us we've this, it will be just rain. here's your accu weather 7 day. 48 today. rain showers hopefully get it out by 4 or 5:00 today. evening rush hour won't become an issue. freezing cold tomorrow and 40.
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and wintery mix around here friday before we warm it up next week. kind of all over the place. >> that's what it's kind of been. tuck, thanks. >> now, we turn our attention to the roads. here's julie wright with on time traffic. >> busy as expected. outer loop of the beltway has yet to improve. headed through silver spring and around towards connecticut avenue. moved out of the roadway. the damage is done. heavy volume continues. you'll find slow traffic leaving the beltway and crossing over the 14th street bridge with lanes open. show you what else is happening out here. we have problems east of 395. it's the water main break ativan dorn street. inner loop still in good shape. eastbound on 66 definitely below speed down to 24 miles an hour. accident activity reported.
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that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> a huge off the court loss for the lakers tops today's sports breakfast. >> dave ross is here for more on the life of jerry buss. >> he might have been the greatest owner in all of sports. that's the impact this guy had. we're going to begin with those nats. we were funny about valentine's day and what did you get your valentine. there's four newly weds on the nats. and i wonder what they got their newly weds. >> you know they got them something. >> so i think what we're finding out about this team is when you listen to the ages of the four guys, you have 26 and 28 ryan zimmermann 28. it's a young team. and now maybe the marriage a little bit more
7:19 am
mature. you would like to think this is a team with that great mix of some vets but still good young players that not only will they be good this year but years to come. so says the manager mike rizzo. >> by no means is this an individual success story. we've put together a great staff in the front office, scouting player development. we do step back and grade ourselves and evaluate how we've done. how we could have done it better all the time. i think that's what makes for a healthy franchise. >> i do think this franchise is in good shape. talking about the age of getting married. you do like to see that in the clubhouse. you don't have a bunch of young kids. brice harper is 20 years old. maybe he can look up to now. >> my expectation is over the
7:20 am
years they'll practice more cause they'll work harder. >> very team oriented feel right now. well played sir. dr. jerry buss, is he the greatest owner? he passed away yesterday at the age of 80. all he did was win 10 world championships. he bought the team from jack kent cook ironically. and a great story of dr. jerry buss. when he was being interviewed to purchase the lakers back in the late 70s, he said look if you guys don't draft this magic johnson kid, don't find yourself another owner. he says i'm going to buy this team and if i do, that's going to be the guy i get. i traded for kobe bryant and drafted kobe you don't just become an owner. it's tough to do it.
7:21 am
he won 10 world championships. very impressive. >> who is that woman? >> he had attention for younger women. always liked to go to boxing matches and games with a couple young ladies on his arm. he enjoyed the life with la. >> all right. thank you, dave. appreciate it. coming up, it's 7:21 now. coming up next, coffee in your heart. why the daily pick me up could have beneficial side affects. >> holly is live with some young innovators who are working towards storm water pollution. it's 7:21 now.  ♪ that aroma calls to you
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♪ is folgers in your cup many of us depend on a morning cup of coffee or two to get them through the day. >> that cup of joe could also
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have good side affects for your heart. experts say moderate caffeine intake could have a positive impact of normal heart rhythms. depends on how sensitive a person is to it and how much you are drinking. no more than two coughs of caffeinated coffee per day. more can lead to rapid regular heart beat. >> and a warning for women who have undergone hip replacement surgery. your rebuilt joint has a higher likelihood of failing than men. the study looked at more than 35,000 procedures. the research will help determine the best model for hip implant for women. >> still ahead. the invisible victims. >> sit down with two local prosecutors to protect children from the side affects of domestic violence.
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our producer will find the music. i love it. the first lady debut ed a new do on her 49th birthday. one of the most talked about topics. >> now we're finding out why she changed her look in a skype interview with rachel ray. michelle obama jokingly blamed the bangs on a mid life crisis. she said it was the only option because she can't get a sports car. and won't be allowed to bungee jump. >> i can see that. >> the full interview airs tomorrow. good she has a sense of humor. >> i like it. makes sense to me. >> looks great. >> i really do like the bangs. tucker, you don't understand you have to cut the whole front of the air. >> once you go for it, there's
7:30 am
no good back. >> here to here. going to take a little while. >> it's a multi year commitment. >> at least two years. >> wow. >> to go this much hair. >> tell me if i'm wrong. >> how long would it take you? >> probably less time at this point. >> i'd have to buy it. >> they do have it. trust me. okay. >> i didn't realize it was a big commitment. i thought you can go for it. next hairstyle. >> what do we know. >> learn something new here every morning. rain showers moving in from the west. out to the west, could be doing sleet or freezing rain. not going to be a big dedeal. not enough to delay schools. except alleganey. that's the only exception . keeping these temperatures up.
7:31 am
remember yesterday morning teens and low 20s. a few spots here still very close to freezing. martinsburg 32. there will be a few spots dealing with the potential for ice early today. for the rest of us, rain showers. not even a whole lot of rain as the front moves on through here. none of it reaching the 95 corridor yet. we are getting reports of rain. haven't seen any reports of mixing. that pink you see might be getting mixes out to the west. we'll be dealing with rain showers. our temperatures up ahead of the front expected to be in the upper 40s today. there's your bigger picture and the back end of it pushing into eastern kentucky. a day of showers and then by mid to late afternoon, the end of the showers should be east of us, east of the bay. and we'll clear out tonight. winds are
7:32 am
going to pick up tonight. and another arctic blast here. high temperatures in the upper 30s to 40s. 48 today. becoming cloudy. very quickly. showers developing by late morning. we'll be a little breezy at times. 31 overnight low. winds out of the west at 10 to 15 hchlt and accu weather 7 day. sunshine. might be a light wintery mix around here on friday into saturday. this storm hasn't quite figured out what it wants to do tonight. either way should clear it out with warmer temperatures by the end of the weekend. okay. that's weather. let's find out if everybody is getting back to work and school on time with julie wright. >> we're trying. we had problems early on this morning. let's get to it as we map out the problems. east of 395 ativan dorn street, this is where we have the water main break. 395 on the slow side between beltway and seminary
7:33 am
road. to the west, delays because of an accident 29 at page land lane. overall 66 leaving gainsville in bound, almost a 15 minute commute. 48 minute drive on 66 with the lanes open. north of town, the crash occurred near connecticut avenue. that's gone. outer loop delays. 30 minute drive here. southbound 95 backed up to the beltway. and new crash reported 175 and that puts it over near fort meed. southbound 270 on the breaks from 124 out towards the split. inbound across the bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. children who witness violence can not only be traumatized by the event. they may also be at a higher risk to become violent
7:34 am
adults themselves. that disturbing fact is behind the push in maryland. prince georges county estates attorney angela. thanks for being with us. along with montgomery county state's attorney john mccarthy teamed up for an article explaining their advocacy for this change and they join us now. happy both of you are here. >> thank you for having us. >> tell us what's behind this push. i'll start with you. why this and why have you teamed up. >> we've noticed in our domestic violence cases is the adults suffer the physical affects of the violence but we notice children suffer emotional affects that last for a life time. many of us come back to us in the system as defendants who perpetrate crimes of violence. we watch young women's lives destroyed.
7:35 am
the affects are long reaching for children. >> maryland is a little bit late to bringing attention to this. right now, physically you have to do violence to a child before we give protection. we've known for a very long time and studies tell us whether it's poor grades or depression or suicide, there's a lot of byproducts of children witnessing violence and they are victims. and other states for many years have been addressing this issue and now we think it's finally the time when maryland is going to do something progressively. >> i was going to ask how ground breaking this would be but it's been out there already. >> this is the 4th year we've been back on this issue. we've gotten this passed four years in a row. >> without even asking why that would be, that would be speculation to get into the minds of law makers, let me ask
7:36 am
you about the affects not just as children grow and not grades but what does it do to a child's mind. have you had opportunity to talk with children who have been witness to these crimes? >> we find young men statistically shows us they are twice as likely to repeat the violence. young women we find become victims themselves. they find themselves as not worthy of receiving certain types of good treatment. and so young women are unable to distinguish between healthy relationships and unhealthy relationship hz and young men often suffer the same affects and repeat it. >> that's very sad. what age are we talking about here? >> the bill right now is written the definition of a child is 18 and they just amended it to make it consistent. any child under the age of 18 who witnesses a crime of violence.
7:37 am
and more often than not these are instances of domestic violence. happening in their homes and the victim more often than not will be their mom, probably. >> and that's the scenario we're talking about, domestic violence in the home. >> yes. >> what kind of penalty would this create? >> up to five years consecutive. the defendant will be sentenced of up to five years additional time consecutive to the first sentence for committing the act of violence in the presence of a child in a home. >> let me ask a tricky question as i sit here. how do you pinpoint who is the aggressor here? there are some situations out there where it might not be the traditional scenarios and it might be more of a perhaps one person starts a fight, if you will. but both are engaged and it's on going or a woman stays
7:38 am
for many reasons women stay and this happens. does it get into a muddy area where it's hard to figure out who is the perpetrator or who is at fault? >> this new law is not going to change any burden under the old law. we would have to find who the aggressor was and who was guilty of the assault or other violent crime. this new law doesn't really change what we had to prove under any previous existing law. the only thing we now have to prove is the person reasonably new or should have known a child was present. and presence here means visually there literally watching the assault or listening to the assault. as we've talked about the child cowering in a closet, that child would be covered. >> how pervasive is the issue today still of domestic
7:39 am
violence? >> this has to be one of our top priorities. we find the numbers are staggering. we charge between 2500 and 3,000 cases per year. again, the affects are what we are also concerned about. we've sentenced defendants in homicide cases who tell us from the start that part of what characterized their childhood was watching violence in their home. we know it has a profound affect and seeing more cases of it and we have to do something about it. >> montgomery county? >> our numbers in terms of domestic violence are down a little bit. we've started a family violence center about 4 or 5 years ago and seen a reduction in crimes against women in the domestic situation. regionally the numbers are up everywhere but i attribute that to the progressive institution of the family violence center where thousands of women and
7:40 am
children have come to us for assistance. helped reduce that kind of violence. >> as you get the word out and this moves forward now, is the hope that those who basically commit domestic violence acts they hear it and say this would be an extra charge. are people rational and thinking enough to say i'm going to spend more time? >> the hope is we not only penalize this crime but to educate the public, educate the judiciary and others about the impact of this violence on children. been something that's been overlooked for a long time. this allows us to focus on a very important victim in these crimes and that would be a children. >> let us know how this goes. >> we certainly will and we appreciate the opportunity to talk publically about this. this is a very important issue for both our counties. >> we talked about the dwindling numbers but one case
7:41 am
is too many. >> angela, john, state's attorneys. thank you for being here. good luck in your efforts. we'll be right back.
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7:44 am
allison. >> yeah? >> oh, i'm sorry, me. a whopper of a hack job. some prankster took control of burger king's twitter account. the hacker changed the profile picture to a mcdonald's photo. the restaurant chain had twitter suspend the feed so it can regain control. no one claimed responsibility. >> mcdonalds owns chipotle. >> i did. >> i didn't. the reality star is out as co-host of the x factor. seemed nervous and unprepared next to mario lopez who will be back. karsashian is the third high profile exit along with britney
7:45 am
conspiracy and la reed. >> she was bad. you know what, the producers. higher experienced host. >> where's ryan seacrest? >> he was a dj. >> she's a karsashian. >> this is a trend we don't support. >> i only saw a few episodes. >> she was not good. >> the cue cards. she said mario was reading the lines and she her reading along. she wasn't a professional. a lot of unemployed hosts out there who need jobs. >> that's right. around here , showers moving in. bring an umbrella. not going to rain all day. not going to rain all day.
7:46 am
showers during the middle of the day. maybe upper 40s. that would be nice. right now 39 at reagan national. temperatures locally are well above the freezing mark. anything that arrives should fall in the form of rain showers. the further west you get some of the viewers out to the west, you may be dealing with a few isolated pockets of sleet or freezing rain. here's future cast, put it in motion. rain showers out to the west. mix out to the west as well. by 11:00 a.m., rain showers across the shower. notice how quickly things push off to the east and start to dry out. future cast indicating most of the shower activity out of here. hopefully in time for the evening commute, dealing with clouds. 48 today. behind the front gets cold and windy tonight. and temperatures tomorrow struggle to get to 40. bounce around towards the end of
7:47 am
the week. wintery mix around here. still request marks about that system. and a little warmer sunday, monday. >> generally speaking, the forecast has pretty much been the same. up and down temperatures, little snow here or there. up to 50 for a day or too. back down. pretty much the same . >> that's what weather does around here. >> for a lot of places i would assume. >> you get my observation don't you people. >> i'm taezing you. >> and that's from a professional, ladies and gentlemen. . >> all right, you guys, inbound across the key bridge, traffic volume rolling at speed. no issues reported. also running without incident inbound from the parkway. southbound 270 in better shape southbound leaving i 70. traffic tied up leaving
7:48 am
german town and south of 124. going to find delays as we pop up our maps. trouble to report downtown and heading that way. inbound along 295. up and across the inbound 11th street bridge. water main break east of 395 the roadway shut down in each direction. to the west on 66. heavy volume coming inbound. delays because of a crash. 234 and now a 48 minute commute headed inbound towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> just call me chloe. up next a glimpse into the future. >> reporter: the future looks bright. i'm not just talking about these models. the kids themselves. the brainpower in this room is amazing. 6th, 7th and 8th graders all finalists from around the nation for the future city competition. exactly what they had to do,
7:49 am
what's at stake and the one local team representing our area. we've got it all live next. stay with us. land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread?
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in honor of national engineer's week, teams of teens are in town for the future city competition. and this year local students could bring the grand prize home. >> holly has more live from arlington now. >> reporter: good morning. you know i've done this event many years. last year i wasn't here cause i was on maturity leave. let me show you what they gave me. >> that's great. >> isn't that the cutest thing ever? i would be super proud if hey den grew up to be an engineer. there are a lot of future
7:53 am
engineers. to remind you how the future city works. giving an engineer problem and they have to design a city that can deal with that problem. this year it was rethink runoff. a lot of super storms and cities urban areas that have had to deal with flooding. these kids had to come up with a city that could handle that problem. started out with 36,000 students. 2200 teams. narrowed down to 36 teams. the national winner will be annd this afternoon. and they will win a trip to space camp. how cool is that? one thing that might be cooler, the local team that's representing us. here they are from kenmore middle. good morning. you guys look great. i'm going to start with you , beth. give me an idea of what these kids had to do over the past year or so. >> in august when i first
7:54 am
arrived, the kids approached me and said they had participated in future cities last year and done well. come to the national level and they intended to come again. so dave agreed to be our mentor and we've been working since august on writing essays, research essays. we took a field trip to the chesapeake bay foundation to talk about runoff in this area. and then from there, the students continued their research. and you'll see a lot of evidence for the research in their model. >> i want to check in with the students. lewis, i'm going to start with you. i want to understand the process. you had to use some software to design a city. >> ahead of the virtual city design. start off with roads and zoning and avenues so we can
7:55 am
start the base of our city as for the sim city, we had a rubric that made us have an airport at the same time. it taught me about where places should be while making a foundation of a city. >> what happens is you do the virtual city, you have $100 and use recycled materials and build a model and present your city. tell me the name of your city. >> the name of our city is estuaria. it's in honor of the chesapeake bay. second largest in the world. since we were so close, what we decided to do, why don't we help our local waterway instead of going to asia and help theirs. >> start at home. someone point out some things that are helping to deal with rethinking runoff. >> sure. right here which one
7:56 am
of our main features is save the bay bridge. this bridge will have to be made in order to help with the population growth. since it's always in the water, it will have a filtration device. it will be constantly filtering it. >> what do you guys think your chances are of winning? >> pretty high. >> i like it. right out of the gate. why do you think yours stands apart? >> we worked hard. we put in effort. it turned out great. >> it did turn out great. high five to all my brilliant kids. high five too. is our web site. we have a link to future city if you want to find out more about how this whole thing work. coming up in our next hour, educational video game. we're going to talk about that in our 8:00 hour. back to you. >> looking forward to it.
7:57 am
still ahead in our next hour, getting ready for sequestration. >> local managers have to have a plan in place. we'll sit down with an expert for a look at how some might be bracing. >> there could be new ways to treat those headaches. we're going to check in with the fox medical team for details. fox 5 morning news continues next. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
this is fox 5 morning news. >> shock and sadness. fellow students return to school this hour a day after a 15-year-old classmate is discovered dead in prince georges county. this morning, his killer is still on the streets. we'll have the latest in a live report. >> breaking details out of south africa. track star oscar pistorius admits to shooting his girlfriend. coming up, what he says led to her death. >> and calling for compromise. the president will reach out to law makers today for help to avoid what could be devastating
8:01 am
budget cuts. thousands of jobs remain at risk. the president of the association will join us live to share how they are preparing. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. we have one quick school delay to pass along. all greene allegany pib lick schools are delays. >> tucker barnes has all of that. >> rain showers around here. a couple hour period . a bit more risk of sleet or freezing rain. although not getting too many reports of anything other than light rain. there's a live look at your radar. clouds are going to move in quickly. you can see the rain showers starting to press in along 81 there. hagerstown, martinsburg light showers. inside the beltway along 95, we too will see the rain in the next couple hours. going to be a period of rain
8:02 am
showers. going to want to bring an umbrella. showers moving quickly to the east, east of the bay here and should get a chance to start drying things out this afternoon. reagan national has bumped up to 40. with temperatures in the 40s this afternoon, it will primarily be a liquid rain for us. 35 in detroit. chicago, 15 degrees. work its way in on a northwesterly wind tonight. couple cold days starting once again tomorrow. today, clouding up. showers arrive certainly by noon hour. a few lingering showers with highs in the upper 40s. >> thank you very much. >> now, let's check in with julie wright for a look at your on time traffic. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. >> all right, guys. still have our hands full with a water main break. this happens to be east of 395 shut down each way until
8:03 am
further notice. inner loop backed up bradick road. inner loop of the beltway headed for the wilson bridge. back up. about a 12 minute ride at this point with all lanes open. 295 on and off the breaks. we'll continue with cameras and show you what else is happening. outer loop of the beltway. the outer loop remains well below speed. southbound 95 on the breaks leaving 198. slow traffic eastbound on 66. coming inbound through manassas and leaving fair oaks eastbound towards 123. traffic slows again. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> our big story this morning, tragedy in prince georges county. a 15-year-old student killed while on the way to catch a bus. >> the boy's family believed that robbery may have been the motive. fox 5's melanie alnwick
8:04 am
is live outside suitland high school which the teenager attended. >> reporter: well, tony, heavy hearted students will be returning today after yesterday's holiday. and they'll be grieving over the loss of the friend they say always made them laugh and they are especially upset at what they believe may be the reason for the murder. there was a door to door canvas for information yesterday in hill crest heights. detectives looking for any snippet of information that could help them piece together. it was 4:20 monday afternoon. a neighborhood near marlo heights. police found the 15-year-old laying in the road with what they will only say is trauma to the upper body. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the teen's aunt fears her nephew may have been targeted on her way to the bus stop. he was carrying a brand new pair of shoes for his girlfriend. >> they said this happens within
8:05 am
10 minutes of him leaving out the house. not even ten minutes. this area is known for little boys getting jacked with shoes. they try to chase them. stuff happens around here . >> prince georges county public schools says quote we are deeply saddened by the tragic death of one of our students. becoming all too familiar and common. deepest condolences to family and friends during this very difficult time. there will be grief counselors on hand today. police calling this even though they haven't given us information, a murder. the 4th violent death of a teen in prince georges county in this school year alone. tony and allison. >> all right, melanie, thank you. a developing story this morning. oscar pistorius admits to shooting his girlfriend saying he thought she was a
8:06 am
robber. the double amputee said in an affidavit he felt vulnerable because he did not have on his prosthetic legs. the affidavit goes on to say that reeva steenkamp was not on his bed. he tried to breakdown the door. inside he discovered her shot. defense lawyers maintain the murder was premeditated. if convicted, he faces life in prison. >> during that dramatic court hearing, her body was being driven to a church. the coffin draped in white flowers. relatives from around the world gathered to say good-bye. the family just wants answers. >> a follow up on the connecticut shooting, the massacre there. we are beginning to get more insight
8:07 am
into the motivation. adam lanza wanted to top the number in norway's massacre. cbs news says he was obsessed with the shooter in that case in norway who killed 77 people in norway. wanted to kill more. state police say the report however is inaccurate. in colorado law makers passed new limits on ammo clips and new background checks. goes to the colorado senate for consideration. >> new this morning, a devastating fire tears through a home in prince georges county. take a look at this picture. you can see the home on peach tree lane was fully engulfed around 5:00 this morning. sky fox got on the scene. everyone inside escaped safely but the house is a total loss. >> dozens of residents in manassas are without a home
8:08 am
after a fire rips through their apartment complex. the prince william county fire department was called to the complex on lady jane loop. this is a picture sent to us by the viewer. one resident and two firefighters were taken to the hospital suffering minor injuries. as many as 60 people were displaced. no word on a cause of that fire yet. >> also in virginia, fairfax county police continue to investigate the death of a woman found inside a burning apartment building. the case has been ruled a homicide. the unidentified woman was found monday morning at the water side apartment complex in reston. trauma to her upper body. a neighbor called 911 after smelling smoke. some say they heard arguing earlier that morning. >> authorities in prince william county continue their search for five young people who escaped from a detention center overnight. left the facility
8:09 am
around 12:30 a.m. near at the time back of the georgia mason university prince william campus. the young people four girls and one boy would have been wearing gray sweat pants and white t-shirts. >> allison, in a week and a half, automatic budget cuts known as the sequestration kick in. and this morning, president obama will speak out on how he wants to avoid the cuts. the president will hold an event at 10:45 to urge republican law makers to compromise. the cuts begin the 1st of march. the amount to over a trillion dollars if congress and the president don't agree to stop them. the white house wants combination of targeted spending cuts and higher taxes. republicans oppose offsetting with more tax revenue. so how are federal agencies bracing for the impact of sequestration. furloughs and layoffs are on the table. the president of the federal
8:10 am
management association joins us live to talk about this. >> plus, stranded for days. officials reveal what caused the fire aboard the carnival triumph. 8:09. we'll be right back.  all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha!
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what? >> there he is. in california, a baby whale makes a surprise appearance and new friends. this gray whale showed off for whale watchers. this friendly calf swam right up to the boat. passengers were able to pet the sea mamm eshgsle. >> it's a real problem in the bay. >> oh, my goodness. this is my favorite animal. >> the whale? >> uh-huh. you know i have obsession with the whales.
8:14 am
i want to go whale watching. >> did you know this tucker? >> i don't know where you've been. >> i feel so alone sometimes. >> here's tucker barnes with the latest on weather. i should listen more closely. >> yes, you should. >> time now for my first 5 photo of the day. it's that very time of the day. that's what you call cute, everybody. >> oh, my goodness, she is adorable. >> this is kaylyn joy. she's five months old and ready for a closeup. >> what a face. >> i would like to be her agent. she needs to be the baby face of every ad campaign. she is adorable. >> close to perfect there, isn't she? >> love it. love the expression. look how she's looking in the camera. so cute. >> she has the mona lisa smile
8:15 am
there. go to and click on mornings. thank you to your family for sending in that picture. you are beautiful. and a ray of sunshine for all of us this morning. upper 30s to about 40. 40 right now in washington. as we go to the magic of the map. yes, we do maps. 40 in reagan national. fall as rain shower s across the region. we're getting rain reports out to the west. minus 9 right now in international falls. minus 9 in fargo. not going to be that cold around here. later tonight, that air will rush in behind our front. overnight winds are going to pick up and high temperatures tomorrow. upper 30s to about 40. colder air on the way. there's your satellite and radar. clouds now. rain showers are not too far away. in the next hour
8:16 am
or two, rain showers. still have a winter weather advisory far western maryland until 11:00 a.m. could be mixing with sleet and freezing rain. once the front gets east of us and should happen by mid to afternoon, the winds will pick up and should get clearing this evening. a lot of sunshine in the forecast for the day tomorrow. 48. 40 tomorrow. breezy and cold. could be a bit of a wintery mix. that system does not look like a strong one. and then rebound in temperatures up near 50 by monday afternoon. let's do traffic. julie wright's got your latest. >> all right, tucker. hasn't been too bad out there this morning. we've been busy but incident free at this particular moment. leaving college park and continuing over towards 270. southbound 95 backed up leaving 198. and slow traffic on the baltimore washington parkway. here we are live at the american
8:17 am
legion bridge, traffic running smoothly on the outer loop. inner loop of the beltway tapping the brakes just a bit. eastbound 66 volume continues to slow down through centerville. leaving 286 trying to get past 123. the trip northbound on 395 slowing between the beltway and king street and crossing over the inbound 14th street bridge east of 95. blocked off between van dorn street due to a water main break. no problems to report right now at the wilson bridge. traffic will slow leaving route 5 in virginia. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. in just a matter of weeks, billions of dollars of across the board spending cuts are scheduled to kick in which could lead to layoffs or worse. how are managers and agencies planning for the possibility of sequestration? we're getting insight from
8:18 am
patricia nehouse which is the president of the association. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> this has been a tough time. this has been going on for months. and now it looks like sequestration is going to happen. there's not a lot of time to get anything done. how do managers plan for something like this? it's been on, it's been off. it's on anything. you've got real jobs to do. how do you do this? >> i think even though it's been on and off, i think across the government, managers have been planning as though it's going to happen. you plan for the worst case and hope it doesn't happen. >> and in this case, the worst case scenario would be it happening. what is the worst case scenario for managing personnel? furloughs and layoffs? >> generally the forecast i've seen is furloughs one day a week for 22 weeks. which means are people are going to lose 20% of
8:19 am
their pay for 6 months. >> which is significant. and how are your dealing with this? how are employees who might be affected by all of this? have you heard from them? are there frustrations or concerns? >> there are tremendous concerns. you have employees across the country. some of whom are making 40 to $50,000 a year who may be the only breadwinner. and to suddenly realize they are going to have 20% less pay, it's going to have a significant impact on families and communities. 20% less spending. >> is it possible if this happens, if the furloughs happen, is it possible this could become permanent? there's a lot of pressure to reduce the spending of federal agencies and the like. is it possible this could be looked at as we are going to maintain this reduction. >> it's always a possibility. we hope that would
8:20 am
never happen. we haven't been given a projection that i've heard of that there be 20% less mission to accomplish. and that's the concern. we already have social security with a backlog. we have opm with a retirement backlog. with 20% less work time, you are going to have 20% less production. >> what are you telling your employees as they ask questions about the process. again, plan for the worst and hope it doesn't happen. >> are federal managers have they already identified the individuals who are most likely to be furloughed? >> i think most agencies have. that's what i've been hearing from our members. the people who are critical to remain on board with this particular type of furlough, you have more flexibility. you can schedule if you have 10 employees, you schedule their furlough days to where you only have one or two at a time.
8:21 am
you minimize the impact on the public. >> the employees who are going to be impacted, do they generally speaking and you are with the federal manager's association. generally speaking have those employees been directly notified at this point or not yet? >> no, not yet. until it happens, there won't be formal notification. >> and in terms of how this goes in -- well, here's what i'm curious about. let's say this congress, you know how they work. let's say march 1st comes, sequestration happens, the managers then have to inform employees and the process starts and two days later they come to some agreement, does that wreak havoc with the managers and the agencies? >> well, we have until -- the projection would be the furloughs start the week of april 16th. we would have a month and a half. if they would come to an agreement, we would publicize the notices were
8:22 am
rescinded and the furloughs may not happen. >> in your view because you are watching this closely and it's just a question i'm asking your opinion, watching how things are going, do you think sequestration is going to happen? >> unfortunately less. they only have one week of work time before the deadline. and with not being in session this week to be working on it, i don't see how it can't happen. they haven't been able to agree in several months, i don't know how one more week is going to make a difference. >> unfortunately prepare for the worst. patricia niehaus, thank you very much for join obstetrics-gynecology us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> hopefully we'll be talking about good news at some point. >> i hope so. >> still ahead this morning, new relief for migraines. several new products promise to
8:23 am
ease the debilitating products. plus, taking design to the next level. holly morris is going to show us how students are engineering the future. we'll be right back. ♪ that aroma calls to you
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8:26 am
coast guard officials say the fire on the carnival cruise ship triumph was caused by a link in a fuel oil line. the fire caused the ship to lose power, of course. left thousands of passengers stranded in the gulf of mexico for nearly a week. the leak started an engine fire. cut off a main power source. passengers say conditions were horrific including overflowing toilets and flooded cabins. >> a former boyfriend of mindy mccready says it was a big mistake to release her from a rehab center. she was found dead at her home in arkansas from an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. her exboyfriend claims she threated to kill herself earlier this month after losing custody of her son. she was found at the same home where
8:27 am
her boyfriend killed himself last month. 8:26 now. coming up, can plastic surgery help relieve migraines? the fox medical team is live next with the answer. >> we're going to go behind the bangs. why the first lady says she needed a new do. we'll be right back. 8:27. ♪ you signed up weeks ago
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welcome back, everybody. nice looking shot at 8:30. i can see the rain may still be trying to make its presence known today. >> clouds moved in the last couple hours. it's not going to rain all day long. by the afternoon commute here, most showers to the east of us. that's not bad. still running deficit so we need all the rain we can get. >> hoping there's a point where i'll have to walk from here to pick up my car and i'm hoping it's not in that time frame.
8:31 am
1:00 or so. >> it will be raining then. >> if you see me on the side of the road -- >> wave to me. >> and you have to walk to get it? >> unless i can get a ride. >> good luck. >> 40 degrees at reagan national. >> oh, well. >> be true around here. >> i get it. >> 38 in baltimore. once the show is over, we're outta here. we're above freezing with the exception of cumberland. a little sleet and freezing rain. the rest of us we're going to be looking at rain showers as it moves in from the west. here comes the rain shower activity. it is out to our west now. clouds here in washington. before long, the rain will be moving in. not going to be raining all day. the backside
8:32 am
pressing into eastern kentucky. we'll be dealing with clouds and the winds will pick up and cooler air will work in behind the front. do bring an umbrella. because we'll have showers around. here's future cast. at 11:00, widespread shower activity. and still had the mixing out to the west and western maryland. and then by 3 or 4:00 today, it's already east of us. maybe a few left over showers here at 5:00 and clear it out and calm things down here by tomorrow. let me mention winds. it will pick up. cold and breezy tonight . tomorrow struggle into 30s and 40. couple cold days wednesday, thursday. wintery mix around here friday. slightly warmer temperatures by the end of the weekend. upper 40s to 50 by the end of the week. that's weather. allison, tony, back to you at the desk. >> the pain and pressure can be unbearable.
8:33 am
migraine headaches can render you useless. and medication can only do so much. there are new treatments in the works for migraine sufferers out there. dr. joe is live with the newest advances in migraine relief. this is good news for a lot of people. >> good morning, allison. yes, so many people have migraines. there's a group of people who have chronic migraines. more than 15 days a month. can you imagine that? horrible headache. photo phobia, they can't stand light. what they are doing for some of these folks is inserting kind of a pace maker. it's up in the chest wall. they put this pace maker in and electrodes go back into the head and the stimulating electrical impulses help to relieve headaches in some folks. >> wow. okay. and there are other advances as well.
8:34 am
other strides being made to help folks suffering. >> we talk about people getting gnaws yait had had and sick to their stomach. a lot of times they can't take pills. there's an inhaler they are testing out now. going to the fda for approval. you can take it out like asthma inhaler. give yourself a puff. there is also a patch. it's called secuity. and that goes on arm or any body part. the medication is passed through the skin. and it's delivered in that fashion so you don't have to take a pill or a shot. >> really interesting plastic surgery, what are we talking about here? >> this is in clinical trials. they've had lots of success for botox for pair lysing the muscles. in this particular legs, they are cutting muscle and hoping that maybe they can
8:35 am
relieve some of that tension. it sounds drastic. but again, talking about people who have these headaches and debilitated and disabled from them. >> just before we go on to the next topic, you say if you think you might suffer from migraines, maybe keep a journal. is that so you can see how frequently you come down with the headaches? >> yes, but figuring out what might be triggering them. my trigger is msg. but some people have other triggers. could also be stress, could also be hormonal. by logging what you eat but how you feel. your stress level. exposures. even smells and scents . maybe you can figure out what's triggering them. >> wow. okay. great advice. let's switch topics and talk about something we've seen in the movies. bionic eye. how close are we to this and what is this? >> fda approval just came. and it's called the argus 2. it's
8:36 am
for a select group of people called rp. they lose their vision overtime. they are a set of glasses where a tiny video camera inside. the camera sees what you see. it sends that image down to a computer on your waist. then sent back to the glasses. beamed to an implant and electro chemical message goes to the optic nerve and then they can see light images. isn't that amazing? >> that is really amazing. i got to ask what's next? >> you know, they are trying to make it better. trying to increase the number of electrodes and change the software. hoping they can see sharper images. there's a telescope out there which magnifies images. lots of stuff out there. that is also fda approved and that one is covered
8:37 am
by medicare. >> really interesting topics. dr. jo, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tony. >> all right, allison. thank you very much. we now know what inspired first lady michelle obama to get bangs. on the rachel ray show mrs. jokingly said she's going through a mid life crisis. she admitted she cut her bangs because she can't get a sports car and wouldn't be able to bungee jump. just days before president obama's second inauguration. the interview is set to air later this week. >> this is 8:37 now. it's a tuesday morning . and still ahead, he's back. manti te'o gets a work -- to workout at the nfl combine. >> it's hard to say. >> what's his name? >> manti te'o. >> oh, sorry. >> remembering an nba legend. a look back at jerry buss's run.
8:38 am
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in your sports breakfast this morning, a laker's legend has died. owner jerry buss is being remembered as quote a great man and incredible friend. buss owned the team since 1979.
8:41 am
he started out as a chemistry professor. got into real estate and made enough money to buy the lakers. the lakers made the nba finals 16 times. jerry buss was 80 years old. >> the nfl combine begins tomorrow and notre dame linebacker manti te'o is expected to be grilled. he said he doesn't believe the scandal involving his fake online girlfriend will affect his stock in the up coming trade. he's certain to face a whole lot of questions from teams wanting to know more about how he was drawn into this hoax. he told usa today he shut down his twitter account. it is 8:41 right now. it's a tuesday morning . 40 degrees. and you love entering his courtroom everyday. so coming up, judge alex joins us live to discuss the cases making headlines right now. >> holly is live with the engineers of the future.
8:42 am
good morning. >> reporter: and, tony, right now the national finals are going on as we speak. we are live at the hyatt regency. future city 2013. coming up we're going to talk about the problem. and about an educational video game that goes out at the same time. all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.  ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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every weekday at 2:00 a.m. alex presides over his courtroom. judge alex is now in his 8th year on the air, already. while the proceedings take funny or bizarre turns, he's in charge of the courtroom. probably because he handled thousands of cases in the florida circuit. judge alex joins us now live from los angeles. hello judge alex. how are you? >> good , tony. good to see you again. can you believe it's been 8 years already? >> it goes by pretty quickly. it's amazing. >> we want to get your thoughts. you have significant
8:46 am
judicial experience. want to get your thoughts on some of the current things going on in some trials. but first, let's talk about your show and some of the things we can see coming up in the week or so ahead. >> well, i know today i think it's a two parter. i always deal with family dramas, relationships, neighbors, co-workers. those are the most interesting cases. today's got me by surprise. these are family members, sisters who one rented a house from another. and we always have problems when family members get involved. this one the sister burned her sister's property to the ground. this goes beyond just bad tenants. and we've had great cases this year. cases involving i think one was a mother's day male strip review which i'll save you the details but let's say it was outrageous. and i don't know about you but that's where i take my mother on mother's day. we just have had so much fun.
8:47 am
you'll like it. >> all right. looking forward to that . let's talk about some of the cases in the news. i know you've been following some of this. prosecutors, defense attorneys in the chandra leefby's case. the judge says he will release partial transcripts that might explain what's going on. do you have any sense of what's happening and why there have been these secret meetings taking place? >> best i can figure is it has something to do with the credibility of the prosecution witness based on evidence that was recently turned over by the department of justice. beyond that, that's all i know. i will tell you this, very difficult for a judge to close a proceeding. our courts are open to the public. we don't have star chamber justice. extra ordinary for a judge to seal a court file. they can only do it
8:48 am
if there's a serious threat to the justice. and even then as limited as possible, has to be opened as soon as possible. riveted to see what that information is. >> hard to close a proceeding. it's been interesting. in the few proceedings where the press has been let in, they've used one of these white noise machines to block anyone from hearing what's going on at the bench. that seems very unusual to me. >> i understand why. i used to have sidebars with the lawyers and those are not public. there were very enterprising journalists who would come to court and caught using one of those portable sound amplifiers and aim it and pick up sound. so i think the courts have gotten equally technically savvy in trying to shortcut those approaches. >> very interesting. good insight there. another case. casey anthony. she's facing civil suits both from a woman of the same name the person anthony
8:49 am
-- and from the man who found kayley's body. she's filed for bankruptcy. is that a way to maneuver around the civil cases? >> yeah. it certainly could be. it's up to the bankruptcy court judge. there's some exceptions in the laws that indicate what you cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. whether the civil case will or will not will depend on the bankruptcy court judge. she's got a good shot at it at getting this case. she accomplish hz what she really is trying to do here and that is avoid getting on the stand and having to answer questions. which everybody's waiting to hear. >> very good. judge alex, always good to talk to you about what's going on in the news. we'll see you soon. >> thanks a lot tony. judge alex airs weekday s at 2:00 p.m.
8:50 am
on wttg. >> each year, talented teens, team up to put their skills to the test to solve a virtual engineering problem. this year kids from across the country have focused on managing storm water pollution and have done it with the help of sim city. >> reporter: good morning to you. and the finals are going on as we speak. this is the annual national engineer's week future city competition. started out with 36,000 kids. 200 teens and they were given that environmental problem of runoff and how to rethink it and deal with it. seen a lot of super storms in the news. it's a real problem that's out there that kids can identify with. these 6th, 7th and 8th graders were up to the task. now today the five teams this morning will be announced and this afternoon, the national winner will be announced. they have a special program where they have speakers talking and giving special awards out. meanwhile, we are back here where all the model
8:51 am
cities are laid out. we can take a look at them and look at these things. at the same time, you might be thinking how can i take this and let it be educational for my kids? i am introducing you to brandy who is the lead designer. good morning to you. you look official here. i know i'm like an mc. what are you do sng. >> i'm one of the six judges of the final competition. narrowed it down to the final 6 models. and each group is going to come one by one, present their models to us and the judges are going to keep score hz and all get together and confer. and pick the winner. >> have you taken a look? >> we don't know which ones were in the finals. >> are you impressed? >> very impressed. >> i've done this event several years. every model is great. in the past years i could see some. there were five or six that stood out.
8:52 am
the competition is stiff this year. >> yes, it is. some of the regions have 40 competitors. one will be chosen to make it up here. it's really difficult for the judging. >> okay. now, i wanted to ask about this whole video game component. this is fun and a way to take the competition beyond today. >> what they use is sim city. made by ea. they work on their city models in the computer and that gives them a good understanding of the systems. when you look at these buildings here, it's not just a bunch of buildings put together in a random action. they have to have working power systems. where's hospitals sxenter tanment. the software helps them understand the relationships. >> where does the game side of it come in? >> sim city isn't a video game. you don't win at the end of it. it's an open-ended program.
8:53 am
free to explore. that's why it's great for a competition. the kids can use their imagination. we're not saying there's one right answer to build a city. >> isn't it also -- this is wonderful educational software out there. could any child get the sim city software and explore with it? >> exactly. it's available pc and mac. it's good for all ages too. >> as you are developing the software, what are the kind of things you have to think about. >> the version we're working on now is the first one in 10 years. 10 years of innovation. >> 10 years of innovation is a lot. >> 3d models, water systems. electricity systems. workers , shoppers, tourists. >> as a judge, what is going to be the key thing you're looking for? >> what i'm looking for is an
8:54 am
integration of all the systems. and how the people in that city would react. we can look at buildings. i'm going to be asking them a lot of questions if i was a person in this city, what would i do. where would i shop? where would i get my food from? how does the power get to my house? >> so the kids can't hear us right now being entertained. so do you have like one key hard question is? >> i think it's basically that. if i were to live in the city, where would i live and what would my life be like? >> given what you've seen, i think our lives look pretty good for the future? >> the kids have it under control. >> do you think a competition like this one, makes a difference but really helps to have them get that bug of an engineer is what i could be. >> no doubt.
8:55 am
looking at the kids and listening to question ands comments and when they talk to me they understand. one of the judges also won the contest years ago. >> very good. thank you so much. really appreciate it. is our web site . we have a link to future city if you want to find out more. coming up within our next hour. hopefully the top five semi finalists will be announced. we'll they are. and for the first time a girl scout troop is one of the finalists. back to you in the studio. great stuff. thank you, holly. still ahead at 9:00, shocking admission. what oscar pistorius just revealed about his girlfriend's murder in court. >> plus a local purse designer makes it big. she might be from here but she is everywhere in the stores. live with her and some of her creations next hour. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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this goes fox 5 morning news. >> right now at 9:00, a tearful day in south africa where a model killed by oscar pistorius is laid to rest. meantime, he tells a court why he did it. find out what happened. >> closer to home, killed over a pair of shoes? that's what the family of a local teenager believes. melanie alnwick is live in prince georges county where friends are speaking out about this tragedy. >> breaking barriers. a dc teacher join s us live. he's written a book about the life and legacy of charles gitten. the first africa american secret service agent. >> join a flash mob at a terps game. don't want to miss their


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